Do you realize that when you shop and spend money every pay period you are systematically giving your family’s fortune to the family that owns the restaurants and stores?

It’s great to support other businesses especially small businesses and businesses in your community. However don’t short change your family’s financial security and legacy by spending more money shopping, eating out and hanging out than what you save for emergencies, retirement and inheritance.

Next time you want to spend frivolously, think what do wealthy people do? They keep their money in the family by owning businesses, restaurants, rental properties and entertainment such as sports teams and nightclubs and they invest their money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, annuities, life insurance etc.

Wealthy people don’t waste money. They invest it in whatever they like (yachts, golf courses, fancy restaurants) to do for fun, where they like to live and travel and they have an estate plan to transfer their wealth to their children.

So please stop just living from payday to payday by spending more money having fun than investing money for your financial security and legacy. And make saving fun by putting money into businesses and activities that pour back into your bank account👌🏾#missmoneysense#financialfreedom