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Mom's Money Lessons: Making Sense Out of Your Dollars

Moms Money Lessons takes you on the authors journey from being considered a rich kid to being a broke award-winning sports writer to being a financially secure insurance agent. By exposing her financial struggles and triumphs, Teneshia LaFaye helps you make sense out of your dollars. If you want to get your money right, this book is for you. You will learn: A simple budget rule to live a good life no matter how much you make How much car you can really afford How to establish an excellent credit rating How to avoid the tricks credit card companies play to make lots of money off you How to save $500,000-1 million for your retirement

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What My Mom Taught Me About Money: Introducing Good Money Habits to Teens and Preteens

What My Mom Taught Me About Money is for teens, preteens, parents of teens and teachers of teens. Topics discussed are How to pick the right part-time job, Saving for a rainy day, Establishing good credit, plus more money tips about going to college for free, how to treat yourself and loaning money. 

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